Jo & Joe

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jo and Joe.

At Jo and Joe we think footwear should never be boring, ever.  Jo and Joe offer fashionable and creative footwear inspired by a wealth of variety and creativity from around the world.  The collection is enriched by the limitless colour and design found in nature and cultures which has allowed us to design and create lounge footwear that our customers adore wearing.  We’re inspired by the outdoors, but you may never want to leave the house again.

Now back to that bit about footwear not being boring – we want to bring some excitement to your feet!  Our products are unique, individual and attract a range of personalities – we don’t target a strict age range.  Our customers love vibrant colour, design and most importantly comfort (what’s better than a hug for your feet right?).  Whether you are buying Jo and Joe footwear for yourself or as a gift (good luck sharing), the collection is beautifully packaged.

Jo and Joe believe great footwear shouldn’t leave you penniless so you can be assured (from the horse’s mouth) the collection is always high quality and affordable, however we can’t be held responsible for you buying multiple pairs – it’s not our fault they’re beautiful.

Jo and Joe was launched in 2016 as we were bored of the same old slippers sold everywhere – it was sending us to sleep!  We wanted to create something different which stood out from the crowd and that is when our collection was born.  We believe that being such a young brand our designs are new and dynamic, and we are able to keep up with trends and even set them!  Unlike other slipper brands our designs are not stagnant season after season, – we offer ever-changing and exciting products!

The future looks very bright for us!  Since the launch of our slipper collection in 2016 we have expanded and introduced summer sandals and luxury leather loafers, which has generated huge excitement with our customers.  Rest assured that our expanding collection will not affect our quality and designs.  Watch this space for more exciting and individual Jo & Joe Designs.

Our mission – To free the world from boring footwear and bring some excitement to your feet!